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Competitions & Marathons

Athletics is one of the oldest sports around. Every year we see major championships and the 100m Sprint in the Olympic Games is still one of the most raced bits of sporting action every four years.

The London Marathon is one of England's most famous annual races and is one of the top five international marathons. It is usually held in April and attracts over 46,500 participantsevery year, most of whom run it for charity.

Terms & Events

If you are interested in learning all about the different terms that you may hear when watching or training - then we have you covered.

There are four different throwing events included in athletics competition which require athletes to demonstrate power, strength and accuracy. The four events are: the hammer, the discus, the javelin and the shot put.

The hurdles race consists of a track with ten hurdles in each lane, spaced evenly over the course of the track. Contestants are required to jump over each hurdle with both feet clearing the height of the hurdle bar.


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Radcliffe reveals marathon excitement

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